Our Story

Adventure Safety as a company rose from the survival experience of our founder, Jeff Dusting, whose yacht Inception sank in treacherous weather during a race from Queens Cliff to Port Fairy in 2011. It is with this experience of just how unforgiving a survival situation can be that motivates our determination as a company to provide high-quality safety gear, hardware, and exceptional service to minimise the risks of any dangerous situation one might encounter outdoors.

Since then, our store has expanded our field of expertise and the range of survival products we offer, and now aims to be the one-stop shop for any individuals outdoor needs whether it be sailing, hiking, climbing or even kayaking.

Adventure Safety has grown and expanded into the New Zealand market with our business 'Adventure Ware' (the site you are on now) and strives to provide the same high-quality customer experience.

Over the years Adventure Safety Group has added various team members with a wide-range of outdoor experience. Currently, our team includes:

Jeff Dusting (Director) and Sarah Taylor (Director), both of whom are avid sailors that currently sail out of Cruising Yacht Club Australia in Rush Cutters Bay and the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Pittwater.

Joe Dusting (National Operations Manager) an experienced hiker and sailor who leads the team and is based in Sandringham, Melbourne.

Jack Batson (Assistant Store Manager), an eager hiker and outdoorsman.

Ryan Brown (Assistant Store Manager) who has a wealth of experience in snow sports and hiking.

Jocelyn Morgan (Adventure Ware Sales Representative) who has a lifetime of experience sailing and is based in Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Together, our team actively engages in the sailing, hiking and outdoor community, regularly sponsoring yacht and outdoor clubs.

We are also proud to announce our partnership with Plastic As A Resource (PAAR) to promote and sell environmentally friendly ‘keep-cups’, with each purchase including a complimentary $10 donation to their current plastic recycling project. The current project is the delivery of Precious Plastics recycling machines to the small island of Auturo in Timor-Leste, with proceeds from the cup being used to produce new moulds for the machines so that the community can make more valuable products from the waste plastic washing up on their shore.

For the rest of 2020, we look to expand our Green Initiative and ensure that Adventure Ware is doing all it can to care for the outdoor environment and mitigate climate change. This includes using carbon-neutral shipping methods, biodegradable packaging, and recycling were possible. More information on this initiative can be found in our blog post here: Green Initiative